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Imagine Digital finds success for its clients through a proven strategic and creative process. This begins with the removal of assumptions. Our first goal is to deeply understand our client’s business model, processes and human resources. After this understanding is in place, then we can identify the organisation’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. From there, we recommend solutions. The vehicles of our solutions are marketing strategies, brand identity design, websites and online advertising.

The experience of our team is tailored exclusively to working with large enterprises. We understand the nuances of large company structures and we constantly hone our client experience model to ensure our clients always feel heard and understood.

Through this RFP process, we will determine together, whether or not we are the best fit for a strategic partnership. Once successful, we look forward to learning and understanding your goals – ultimately to bring your vision to life on a global stage.



Culture plays such an important part in marketing. The Caribbean diversity of our team gives us a unique, well-rounded perspective on our work, backed by a wide range of carefully placed expertise. While our team is over 400 people, the persons featured here are the team leads for each aspect needed for your account.

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Carou Ralph
General Manager

Carou Ralph

Having a keen interest in human behaviour and psychology, as well as a highly analytical nature of thinking, digital and data-driven marketing provide the basis of a well-fit career path for Carou. He has spent 12 years in the digital marketing and advertising field with several class acts at senior levels in industry-leading firms and having worked in Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Brazil, the United States of America, St. Kitts and the list goes on. The consummate wordsmith: in his down time, you can catch Carou reading, playing scrabble, or cheering for his favorite football team.

Ghulam Bham
Head of Sales

Ghulam Bham

Ghulam brings to Imagine Digital over seven years’ experience in digital marketing. A result-driven team player, Ghulam finds that his love for the digital marketing is rooted in the joy of bringing forth tangible and quantifiable results for his clients. When he’s not busy delivering impressive digital marketing campaigns, he finds relaxation in watching a game of football or cricket or sharpening his skills in currency trading, as evidenced by the book he keeps within close reach; “The Trading Bible”, by Kiril Valtchev.

Debra Haughton
Senior General Sales Manager

Debra Haughton

 With a deep-seated passion for all things creative, marketing, sales strategy and business development has been a natural part of Debra’s journey, with over ten years of experience in managing high performing teams and bringing them forward into the digital space. Her love for empowering individuals and companies with knowledge and strategies to reach their full potential has led to the growth and success of many local and international brands. Debra was recently featured on the Expert Tips Series produced by YelloMedia Group on the ‘Art of Selling’ in her role as the Senior General Sales Manager for Jamaica .She continues to work with clients regionally in the areas of business growth and strategy.

Outside of work, Debra loves to escape into a good story line, be it book or film, to leave the normal hustle and bustle behind. She can always be found laughing a long week away with a good play or comedy series, a long-standing Friday night family tradition.

D'Andre Fraser
Head of Performance Marketing

D'Andre Fraser

D’Andre is a highly experienced paid media specialist with over 7 years of experience in digital advertising, having managed over $2M USD in ad budgets. His experience spans across ad platforms such as Google Ads, Programmatic, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Spotify and more.  


His industry experience spreads throughout e-commerce, banking, insurance, hospitality, automotive, retail, FMCG, construction & transportation. He also leads a talented cross functional team of specialists that manages blue-chip clients across 22 markets. 


His team has been successful in producing a per month ROI as high as 20x and increasing revenue by 230% for one of our largest hospitality clients.

Customer Success Manager

Sachin Ellcock

Sachin got an early start in the digital marketing world, turning a love for digital media and creating apps and websites into a way to pay his university fees. After 11 years in digital marketing, specialising in web development, traffic generation, and customer experience, he’s still just as passionate about it. Knowing the huge role the digital space played in his life, Sachin is dedicated to giving customers the best experience and outcome possible. Sachin enjoys airplane watching on the weekends (we’re not judging) and is a big sports fan from football to basketball, cricket, and even American football. He’s not a fan of parties, which, let’s be honest, we totally understand.

Dominic de Bourg
Creative Director

Dominic de Bourg

Dominic is curious about ideas and processes. Whether it takes the form of a strategy, campaign, design or story, he focuses on simple ideas that create memorable results.

Clients he’s worked with over the past 16 years: Caribbean Airlines, Terra Caribbean, Carib Brewery, Stag Beer, Carib Beer, Ginseng Up, Malta Carib, TTMA, HDC, British Gas, Shell, Samsung Caribbean, T&T Chamber of Commerce, Brian Mac Farlane, Petrotrin, Bmobile, Angostura, Western Union, The Office of the Prime Minister, ANSA Motors, Standard Distributors, Penta, Sissons, Toyota, Western Scientific and many others along the way.


Please note that these timelines can happen congruently.


Step 1


Our research team begins with an analysis of your industry and your goals. We approach this as an external party with an unbiased perspective. The outcome of this is a dossier that documents key information that informs your brand development.


1 week

Step 2

Writing the

Brand Strategy

Ideas need context. Through a collaborative one-day workshop with you, we explore the themes that can be used for your brand. Following this workshop, we return to the drawing board to conceptualise and draft a number of environments that explore those themes - thereby determining the brand touch points, the customer acquisition sequence, the style of language and the behavioural models of the target audience.


8 weeks

Step 3

Designing the

Brand Identity

This is where the actual design process begins. All the information collected prior to this point is the foundation of our design choices. Three initial concepts will be presented to you for discussion and approval. 

After selecting one option, we move to the next stage, which simulates the logo applications most relevant to you. Usually this means signage, apparel, packaging and stationery, but we will finalise the exact applications in the Brand Platform Workshop.

The last stage of this process is documentation. A brand guideline will be developed that demonstrates both how your new visuals are used and how they are not to be used. This includes the following:

  • Logo usage guide
  • Colour guide
  • Typography guide
  • Photography guide

The goal of this is brand consistency across the wide landscape of marketing and communications.


6 weeks

Concept 1


Information wins wars. Through the collective of services and products proposed in this new business line, Guardsman customers can receive information from multiple sources simultaneously – creating a Vantage point. The benefit of real time, holistic data about the things that matter to us most allows us to make better decisions, faster.

The symbol of the falcon in flight represents this Vantage. The bird can safely gather all the information from a situation, then make a decision swiftly and correctly. Our design choices focus on a calm, intelligent, timeless aesthetic, applicable to any direction this business line elects to take in the future.

Concept 2


Data protection is one of the most prevalent conversations today. Everything we do generates data – which needs to be protected. Visually, this idea nods to three things: our fingerprints, a lock and a power symbol. A Cypher is a code – a method of protecting our data and the information it reveals.

Our design choices here again go for a sense of intelligence and timelessness, but uses louder colours and patterns to drive the idea of a code. Visually, we’ve created a pattern that is intentionally left open for interpretation – a further exploration of the idea that information is revealed from data.

Digital Assets

Think of your brand as a series of properties on a street. Though linked by the actual street, each property serves a different purpose. One may be for storage, another may be to house staff, another may be for machine maintenance. In the same way, each digital asset houses content that serves a specific purpose in your brand strategy.


Performance Measurement

The main methods we  use to measure the performance of your assets are:

  • Impressions:
    • how many people saw the ad
  • Click Through Rate:
    • the percentage of impressions that then actually clicked on the ad
  • Cost Per Click:
    • These ads work on an auction basis that fluctuates the cost of ads based on how many advertisers are vying for that ad space. 

We control how much is spent on your bids through a process called a targeting strategy. These targeting strategies work either manually, semi-automatically, or automatically to control your ad spend, all within a set monthly budget cap. 

Digital Content Strategy

To plot where and how these assets will be created, developed and maintained, first we need a Digital Content Strategy.


The core asset (or main property on the street) to be built, will be your website. This is the only digital asset that you own entirely. It is not dependant on a parent company like Facebook or LinkedIn. This is the strongest representation of your brand online. A standalone site for this elite division will enable clients to have chat support , book consultations and request quotes, Creating a high end customer experience by just a few clicks. This also captures valuable data and traffic insights.

Blog Content

The second asset will be used to build the credibility of the site, and that’s Blog Content. This works in two ways: the human way and the artificial intelligence way. The human way means that persons searching online can find relevant articles provided by your company. Finding these at the right time directly influences that person’s decision making process. The artificial intelligence comes in to also scan your content to determine by way of an algorithm, whether or not your content is relevant to the person searching for it, and if so, at what point to show them that content. This, in simple terms, is how organic reach works via search engine optimisation. We can then fast track that process by setting up paid campaigns, which is the next digital asset to be built.

Google Display

Places ads alongside content on any of the hundreds of millions of pages in the Google Ad Network.

Programmatic Display

Widens that Display reach by automating media buying in an even larger pool of display devices, such as screens in malls or airplanes - once connected to a programmatic network.

Google Search

Places ads about your company at the top of the Search Engine Rank Page - above all of the organic content.

Email List

The next digital asset is your email list. This is usually used for customers that are qualified either through the sales funnel or from being past customers. GDPR compliance laws require that consent be given to receive emails from a company.

These emails can then be used to test pilot promotions, invite customers to exclusive deals and receive feedback on the service rendered.

YouTube TrueView 

Rounds out our PPC assets by placing ads either before, during, after, or alongside the videos you watch on YouTube. These tend to be extremely cost effective, as you only pay for them if someone clicks on the ad.

Social Media Profiles

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • TikTok


Internal Communications

The core of a brand isn’t the logo or the brand assets, it’s the people who believe in it. 

To align all internal parties, we propose a pre-recorded Internal Communications Workshop.

This would be a brief session that introduces staff to the brand, the ideas behind it and the values it represents. The video will then be added to the brand guidelines for future use.

Tier 01

Client Communications

From the brand launch into regular updates, the style of client communications will also be set. Building on the Internal Communications workshop, our question here is how to communicate these ideas and brand values to an existing audience. There is a careful balance here – too much and we confuse, too little and we don’t leverage the existing Guardsman brands enough. The key indicator of success here is a measure of how willing these clients are to recommend the brand to a friend or colleague.

Tier 02

Public Relations

Imagine Digital’s online reputation management service is built to manage public perception through strategically placed media articles, interview circuits, online review management and ongoing social listening. 

Scenario modelling is used to create positive on-brand responses and statement releases. Statement timing and crisis management responses are also prepared, forming the foundation of our PR strategies.

Ongoing consultation will be required for this, and the notes from our collaboration will form documentation to be added to your brand guidelines. 

The core PR deliverables:

  • Media/Press Kit
  • Launch release sequence (press, email, social)
  • Media circuit strategy (tv and radio interviews)
  • Ongoing online reputation management
Tier 03

TVC Production

A summary of all the aspects to be considered in a TVC production is placed below. While some TVC’s can cost as little as 2000USD with stock footage and narration, budgets can also soar well into the millions, depending on the idea and the management of the project. Our recommendation is to consider these requirements before budgeting for this production.

Data Strategy

How do we know if the brand is working?
After it’s designed and the assets are set up, we set up data points to find out how people feel about the brand. These points are then analysed and a report is delivered. This process is called sentiment analysis.

The framework of this relies on all of your digital assets. It can be as simple as a poll on the website, asking people whether they like the experience or not. It can be as complex as creating a pilot campaign and running an A/B test which releases two versions of an ad and compares which one people react to more. The findings then influence design decisions going forward.

The beauty of all this is flexibility. We can constantly test, observe and learn, so that the brand is in a constant state of improvement.

Agency Fees

Brand Strategy

8 weeks (Dependant on finalised project scope)

4,000 - 10,000 USD

Brand Identity Design

6 weeks (Dependant on finalised project scope)

4,000 - 8,000 USD

Website Development

4 weeks (Dependant on finalised project scope)

5,000 - 15,000 USD

PR Consultancy


Retainer Based

PPC Management


Retainer Based

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