• Performance Marketing

We partnered with NCB Capital Markets to promote their GO IPO platform and drive sign-ups through online advertising.    

Background: NCB Capital Markets is the wealth and asset management arm of the National Commercial Bank (NCB). Go IPO is their digital platform giving people easy access to apply for IPOs.  

What We Did:  

  • Performance marketing 
  • Creative assets 

The Mission: Major Jamaican financial institution, NCB Capital Markets, launched a campaign to promote their Go IPO platform. Our mission was to help them reach their goal of 3,000 sign-ups through digital marketing activities.  

We built URL/keyword-based custom intent audiences and utilised in-market audiences along with related keywords. We constructed our audiences and keyword stack by considering the browsing patterns and behaviour of the client’s customers.

Additionally, we deconstructed the sales funnel and developed creatives that spoke to each stage of product consideration and to the various customer personas. Then we developed our keyword targeting to predict browsing patterns for each age group and customer persona.

We targeted competitor investment houses which resulted in 30% of our conversions coming from people who were initially searching for these competitors.  

The Results: The client surpassed their sign-up goal by 176%, with 50% of the campaign duration remaining and only 70% of the budget utilised.  

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